About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a therapeutic system of medicine.  Homeopathic medications are taken from the natural world around us, including fauna and flora.  Some remedies are even sourced from snake venom’s and sack of a bee’s sting.

Homeopathy is scientifically proven through centuries of research and observation.

The first principle of Homeopathy is ‘Let Like cure Likes’.  Meaning, what substance that caused the disease can in small quantities sets about a cure for the disease.

Lets look at an onion for a tangible example.   When you are in the kitchen, slicing and dicing an onion in preparation of a delicious wholesome dinner (or any other reason),  often watering of the eyes, itchy nose, and sneezing can be experienced.  These ‘symptoms’ are similar to those of Hay Fever.    When a person has hay fever and they seek the advice of a homeopath, the remedy of choice is Allium Cepa, which is derived from an onion.  Hence the principle of “Let Like cure Likes’.

Homeopathic remedies are quickly absorbed into the blood through the mucus membranes under the tongue.  In the blood system the remedy is able to speedily get to the necessary place to ‘tweek’ the body to heal itself.   Homeopathy is able to cause a slight ‘shift’ in the vibrational sphere  of the human system assisting the body to ‘wake up’ and create a cure.

Lets take a look at another scenario.  If your car’s oil light is flashing, do you take it to the garage for an oil top up OR do you jump out and cut the oil light electrical wire?

Topping up the oil would be a good solution for longevity of your motor vehicle.  On the opposite side of the scale, cutting the cord will stop the oil light flashing and you will be living in total ignorant bliss.  However your car engine will come to a grinding halt.  My question to you is when then do people want a quick fix (like cutting the wire) with pharmaceutical drugs like – Anti Histamines, anti inflammatory, Beta Blockers…… just to name a few??

Maybe you are developing and inquiring mind and are starting to realise that when the body is ‘sick’ it needs help to ‘get rid’ of the illness and NOT suppress the illness with pharmaceutical drugs.

If you are ready to allow nature to be your medicine – Homeopathy will benefit you. 

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