Hormone Imbalance

Many woman suffer with hormone imbalances.  Most woman today are on the pill to balance hormones.  The pill is a band-aid method to balance hormones.  The pill does not help the body to balance itself.

if you are one of the clever woman then read further….

Female Balance from Natural-health will:

  • Balance hormones during puberty in young girls

    Hormone Balance

    Hormone Balance

  • Help with the symptoms of menopausal transition
  • Decrease Mood swings and irritability
  • Decrease Bloated abdomen due to hormone imbalances.
  • Reduce Tender breasts.
  • Helps to regulate periods
  • Balances female reproductive hormones – Estrogen & Progesterone
  • Alleviates hormonal headaches
  • Help to decreases vaginal dryness.

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