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Cause of Endometriosis

The female cycle is divided into 3 phases:
1.The proliferation phase.  In this phase estrogen is released from the ovaries allowing the growth of the endometrial lining in the uterus.
2.The secretary phase. In this phase the ovaries release progesterone to mature the endometrium lining.
3.The excretory phase.  This is when menstruation takes place and the lining is expelled from the body if fertilization has not occurred.

Cause of Endometriosis

The cause of endometriosis is the result of estrogen dominance.
In the first half of the cycle the ovaries produce high amounts of estrogen throughout the whole cycle.  This results in the laying down of a very thick dense endometrial lining, which fails to change adequately from proliferative (growing lining) to secretary lining (mature lining).
In  the  second  half  of  the  cycle,  estrogen dominates  over  progesterone  (which  it  shouldn’t)  resulting  in  the  lining  not maturing properly but rather continuing to grow.  Due to the lining still in its growing phase, it’s not matured and ready to be expelled.  Resulting in the lining being ‘ripped’ out of the uterus causing heavy, painful, and clotted menstrual bleeds.
The endometriosis patient is usually very irritable and has a short temper. She is a driven and demanding of herself and others.

Because of the constant stress response in her body, month  after  month,  the available estrogen  is compromised and FSH tends to over-stimulate the follicle production, insidious onset of dominance.

This condition builds over years and does not suddenly appear. The longer she continues to have high levels of stress hormone, Cortisol, without control, the further  the condition will progress.
Many  women have  endometriosis  without exhibiting  the clinical symptoms which include painful, heavy and clotted menstruation.   This is due to the condition not reaching its peak of clinical severity yet.

As these women drive themselves further, the high levels of Cortisol perpetuate and worsen the problem, eventually producing symptoms.

Estrogen dominance is aggravated by a bad diet i.e. high wheat and sugar intake, smoking and lack of exercise all of which usually go hand-in-hand with the go-getters lifestyle. Changing these lifestyle habits goes a long way in helping the condition.

To recap on the cause of Endometriosis:

  • Estrogen dominance

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  • Type A personality.
  • Highly driven and demanding woman, on them selves and others.
  • High levels of Cortisol, the stress hormone.

Eliminating wheat, sugar, smoking and alcohol will help to reduce the cause of endometriosis

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Endometriosis – Introduction

Endometriosis occurs in about 10% – 15% of menstruating women between the ages of 17 and 44. As many as 25% – 50% of infertile women may have endometriosis, which can physically interfere with conception.  Severe endometriosis  can be the cause of infertility by  blocking the  egg’s  passage  from  the  ovary  into  the  uterus.

Endometrial tissue which is normally found in the uterus, can escape into abdominal cavity where it grows unnaturally.  The misplaced endometrial tissue commonly adheres to the ovaries and the ligaments that support the uterus. It can also adhere to the outer surface of the small and large intestines, the ureters, the bladder, the vagina, and any surgical scars in the abdomen.



This misplaced endometrial tissue grows and breaks down with the woman’s normal menstrual cycle, typically causing pain with a period and may persists beyond the bleeding. This pain in severe cases may occur throughout the month.  Many endometriosis sufferers remain undiagnosed, and continue to think its period pains.

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