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Shingles Pain – Explained

Shingles Go for Shingles Pain

Shingles Go for Shingles Pain

Shingles pain is a common debilitating form of pain affecting an increasing number of middle aged and older adults. Shingles is caused be a reactivation of the Herpes Zoster Virus, also known as the Chicken Pox Virus. Most adults born prior to the introduction of the chicken pox vaccine in the 1990′s suffered from chicken pox as children. While most individuals recover from the initial infection without lasting complications, the Herpes Zoster Virus is unfortunately rarely eradicated from the body; it resides in an individual’s nerve cells for the remainder of his or her life.

Under conditions of stress, illness, or weakened immune response due to other medical illnesses or medications, the Herpes Simplex Virus can become reactivated. Reactivation of the virus leads to shingles and shingles pain. Shingles is characterized by an exceedingly painful skin rash characterized by skin vesicles and shingles pain. Shingles pain is often described as a shooting, burning, or electrical sensation. Many adults suffering from shingles pain believe it is one of the most painful experiences of their lives. Even after resolution of the rash, shingles pain may persist for months due to a condition called neuralgia or nerve irritation. In some individuals, shingles pain may become a chronic and debilitating condition.

Shingles Pain – The Solution

While a number of prescription medications are available to treat shingles and shingles pain, many of these medications have limited effectiveness and carry a substantial risk of serious side effects. Shingles Go is a new natural product that offers a safe and effective option for the treatment of shingles pain. Shingles Go is a revolutionary product that treats the Herpes Simplex Virus itself and also provides relief from the rash and burning pain associated with singles infections. It not only alleviates itching and burning but also promotes healing of the rash and drying of vesicles. Singles Go goes right to the source of the infection and helps the body to eradicate the viral infection thereby preventing future episodes of shingles.

In addition to using Shingles Go for shingles pain:

  • If your Shingles & shingles pain came on due to stress use with D-Stress. D-Stress contains natural stress-relief compounds for individuals suffering from shingles resulting from stress.
  • If your Shingles & Shingles pain came on due to shock like the loss of a loved one, use with Moodlift.  Moodlift alleviates symptoms of depression or grief that may predispose individuals to the infection.
  • If your Shingles & shingles pain came on due to a weakened immune system, use with Resisto which natural immune boosting compounds for those predisposed by immune deficiency.

Shingles Go is your go-to for natural relief of shingles. It is safe, effective, and goes straight to the source of shingles pain.

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