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Natural Flu Vaccine

Natural Flu Vaccine  – Introduction

Influenza A and Influenza B cause epidemics that pose varying degrees of illnesses, annually. The average flu symptoms include headache, muscle aches, fatigue, fever, sore throat and are generally limited to a few days or a few weeks. After such an illness there is often a stubborn productive cough that may last up to a few months even after the main illness has cleared. Most people recover fully with no continuing problems. Only people with unusually fragile health are in danger from the flu.

Natural Flu Vaccine  – The Season

The typical season begins in March and peaks in late June to early September, tailing off into October. Influenza viruses have a very high rate of mutation, which means they are constantly changing their physio-chemical structure to adapt to their new environments. This frustrates vaccine producers, because immunity developed one year carries over to the next year only by chance.  I warn my patients against the use of pharmaceutical routine flu shots, for suppression of their immune system.  A suppressed immune system allows the constantly mutating flu virus taking action, setting itself up to ‘attack’ ferociously.  It is also becoming common knowledge that a suppressed immune system plays a role in setting up chronic illnesses as well ascancer…  A natural flu vaccine is far safer for the whole family.

Natural Flu Vaccine  – The wise approach

A far wiser approach of warding off the flu virus would be to use a preventative natural flu vaccine method.  These natural methods do not compromise the immune system but rather have a strengthening action.  Strengthening the immune system allows the correct mechanism within the body to fight its own battle against the flu virus and other invaders.

Natural Flu Vaccine  – The best choice

Resisto is the natural flu vaccine method of choice.  Resisto is a homeopathic preparation.  Taken regularly during the winter months it will help to strengthen your immune system and ward of colds and flu.

The benefit of using Resisto is twofold.  Firstly, Resisto has preventative action.  Secondly, Resisto has a curative nature too.  As soon as you feel any symptoms ‘coming’ on, take Resisto often during the first day, nipping the symptoms/virus in the ‘bud’.  From the second day onwards reduce the dosage to 3 times a day.

Resisto is your natural flu vaccine in your pocket.  Having no side effects it is safe for use by the whole family.  For more information go to http://www.natural-health.co.za/products-page/colds-flu/immune-system-booster-resisto/

Where can you obtain Resisto?

Resisto is obtainable from Corner Health, cnr Recreation Rd and 3rd Ave, Fish Hoek, alternately visit www.natural-health.co.za to place an order online.  Get your natural flu ‘vaccine’ now.

Natural Flu Vaccine - Resisto

Natural Flu Vaccine – Resisto