Tissue Salt – Calc Fluor

Calc Fluor Tissue Salt

Calc Fluor

The common name of Calc fluor is ‘fluoride of lime’ or ‘calcium fluoride’.

The zodiac sign which is associated with calc fluor is Cancer.  Cancer rules the stomach, breasts, body fluids and mucus membranes. Calc fluor provides nourishment to the structures that contain and support the body.  It also provides the flexibility needed for optimum function of the Cancer ruled organs. Emotionally it prevents the armoring Cancerians whom are prone to protect their natural sensitivity.  Just as the hard outer shell of the crab protects the soft sensitive inner crab.

Calc fluor is a powerful tissue remedy for hard glands, varicose and enlarged veins and malnourished   bones.  Calc fluor gives the elasticity to different tissues and organs in the body.

Use calc fluor in the following situations:

  1. Asthma & emphysema – To give elasticity to the lungs.
  2. Malnourished and weak bones.
  3. Broken bones – helps to heal the bones rapidly giving strength to the new bone growth.
  4. Hard glands including tonsils, thyroid and swellings in the breast.
  5. Ulcerated sore throat with mucus forming in the tonsils.
  6. Chronic suppuration of the middle ear infection.
  7. Many cataracts are influenced favorably as calc fluor restores elasticity to the lens.
  8. Arteriosclerosis – helping to prevent heart disease by restoring the elasticity in veins.

Calc fluor is a key ingredient in Resisto®.  Not only does it aid elasticity & strength to tissues & organs of the body, it also provides a means of ‘cleaning out’ unwanted debris and toxins.  When the tissues elasticity returns, the hard buildup of unwanted debris is released.  Hence calc fluor aids in cleaning debris from the body.

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